Tuesday, June 06, 2006

U.S. to Give Iran Nuclear Technology...

Well, here we go again! Where will it end? Looks like Bush has caved in just like Iran figured he would. Bush knows Iran will never live up to any agreement they make. I tell ya', this f***ing guy is gonna have us in the drink yet.

Of all the give-aways, this has to rank with the top two or three at least.

Jimmy Carter gives away the Panama Canal.

Great Britain gives away Hong Kong.

Bill Clinton gives Communist China our top secret missile guidance system. (at least he was sneaky about it) Now they can get a missile with atomic warheads on it all the way to the good old U S of A, thanks to Bill and his accomplice, his Sec'y of State, Ms Albright.

Many of our high tourist vacation sites, such as Yosemite National Park are run by Chinese and Japanese. (Unless that has changed and I don't think it has)

I'll keep this short so it doesn't appear to be a tirade.

And this country acts like it's afraid to hurt anyones' feelings, no matter what they do.

Remember the traitor, Wen Ho Lee, the scientist at Livermore Lab who took top secret information home he had on his computer (he says he just needed something to read while he was taking a crap) and didn't remember until he got caught?

Well, now we're apologizing to him for telling everyone about his crime of treason and, -you know what else - we're paying him for us saying anything about it!

The stupidity of this country is amazing! But just try getting a business entertainment allowance on your income tax! No way, dummy! That's worse than any treason! You pay up or you go to jail!

That's enough for now!



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