Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Skeeter Kitty...

Maybe you have noticed my kitty on this blog. The color of this kitty is a little off but, watching her play with her ball and eat from her dish just really reminds me of Skeeter.

Here is a photo of the real Skeeter.

Her full name was Mosquito Bite and we called her Skeeter for short.

She was our last child at home when we adopted her. Donna saw her in a kitty orphan home and couldn't resist her. I have never liked cats much but I was happy to welcome her into our family.

Skeeter was a yellow eyed Burmese. Her hair was dark gray and her eyes were yellow and her skin was very dark gray, almost black.

She wouldn't go outside the house for the first year. When we finally coaxed her out for the first time, she was very timid and only stayed out for a few minutes.

She acted just like a little girl. One day I walked into my bedroom for some reason. I switched the light on. Skeeter was lying on the bed, on her back. When I turned the light on, she put her right arm over her eyes to keep out the light. It was cute.

She was very playful. She'd get my hand with both her paws and hold it with her claws so I couldn't get loose then she'd chew on my knuckles. She was a very friendly cat to everyone.

She died on a driveway across the street and we buried her in our back yard.

I planted a rose bush on her grave. It was in the shade most of the time and the rose bush grew slowly and it was very spindly.

It didn't have a rose the first year but the second year it had a beautiful red rose which I'll post later.

That is why the picture of a kitty is on my blog. I play with her a little each day. It brings back wonderful memories.



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