Thursday, April 20, 2006

Workers, Managers Arrested in Immigration Case...

See there! I told you it helps to write, call and send e-mails to our leaders! Here is a quote from my last post to the President:
"...And take care of the illegal immigration problem once and for all, by executive order if necessary. You don't have to buddy up to Vicente Fox. This is our country! Let's take it back from the illegal aliens! They are breaking our laws and we shouldn't hesitate to react appropriately and swiftly by prosecuting and deporting them!"

See! It looks like they got right on it! I guess they are learning whom they are dealing with here! Next is a quote from todays' news from Reuters New Service.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - "Almost 1,200 illegal immigrants and seven current or former managers at a Netherlands-based firm that hired them were arrested as part of a national crackdown, ... on Thursday."

Boy! Now I need to find something else to get fixed! For the good of this Nation, it's a good thing I am here and am getting things done! Now THE REST OF YOU YO YO'S GET BUSY AND DO SOMETHING, TOO!

Later... PS...I assume you know what '...' means...


Blogger pappy said...

Regarding your question at my blog...No, just having some fun

10:14 PM  
Blogger "Frankly Opinionated" said...

Great! That is just what America must do, (if the majority truly wants to know who is in our country), and don't stop now. It isn't fixed, just getting some grease. Letters like yours will work, and will cause change.
If the majority of America want open borders with whoever getting into our Great Country, we should disband the US Border Patrol, US Customs, and just open it all up. Remember Jimmah Cahtah saying: "Our arms are extended to you all."? When castro dumped his mental hospitals, prisons, and derelicts on us from Mariel Cuba; we in South Florida were overwhelmed. Crime immediately shot up, and the respect that we had for the true refugee went by the wayside. Now my favorite description of a loser Cuban is: "Marielito". That is sad, considering that I once had a deep respect for anyone who would get on a flimsy raft with their children to run from communism. Today, I look out for my fellow American, and do all possible to expose the illegals and that they have the right to be a criminal, while you and I must obey the law.
Please read the designs in my Cafepress shop immigration section. I am not against immigration! I am against "Illegal" immigration. H*ll, my ancestors immigrated to here, as yours probably did as well.
If we need Mexicans to do menial tasks, we can bring them through US Customs, clear them, and give them the opportunity that all legal immigrants seek. This is a beautiful and Great country, and will continue to need immigrants, legal immigrants.
The press would divide us into those who are either "pro-immigration", or "anti-immigration". As usual, they have got it all wrong! We are either "Pro-illegal immigration", or "Anti-illegal immigration"; a much clearer point.
nuf sed
ps: And your computer causing you to use italics is just helping us to see that you are a conservative who leans to the right.

5:54 AM  
Blogger "Frankly Opinionated" said...

I cannot find your e-mail address, and would like to hit you with a note. E-mail me at:, and I'll have it. Thanx
nuf sed

6:02 AM  
Blogger J C said...

Pappy: I don't know whom to be for these days. I seem to remember the guy who ran against Schwarzenegger for the nomination was a pretty good Republican but I can't remember his name. I'd a voted for him

F..O..: Thanks for the comment. Like you, I can't figure how the illegal immigration situation can be so complicated. It seems easy enough to me. We just enforce the law. well...'duh' How can so many people not get it when it's so easy for us?
My e-mail address is:

Oyez...I have an ancestor who was born here in the good old U S of A in 1751. I wrote a letter to the VP that I'll post next.

9:50 AM  

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