Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Democrats blast Bush for runaway gasoline prices...

"Democrats accused President George W. Bush of an "absence of leadership" for failing to slow the rapid rise of US gasoline (petrol) prices, which now have breached the three dollars per gallon mark in parts of the country."

Sorry, folks. I never thought I'd get on the Democrats band wagon but, in this case, I agree with them emphatically! George Bush is a terrible dissappointment as a Republican president.

Actually, Mr. Bush isn't a Republican at all. I know because I am a Republican.

I hate to say it but George W Bush is the most ineffective President that has ever been in office. (except Jimmie Carter) He promised he would open ANWAR to oil drilling. (he can by executive order without the approval of the Senate, House or anyone else) There is enough oil reserve in Alaska and off the Gulf coast to solve our oil problem forever. Mexico just found a bigger pool of oil in the gulf than there is in all of Saudi Arabia.

And he could un-nationalize the National Park in Utah (the one Clinton made a national park without anyones' permission) by executive order and open the largest deposit of coal in the world if he wanted to.

I don't know what Bushs' problem is. It's like he's afraid to offend anyone and as a result, he is offending every Republican in the country. (and all Democrats, too, who are aware of what's going on)

He doesn't want to do anything effective to solve the illegal immigration problem. It's as if he has made a secret deal with Vicente Fox, the president of Mexico, to not do anything that will stop or even slow down the illegals from coming into this country.

This man has allowed the trade deficit with Communist China to spiral so far out of control that it will take at least two more administrations that are aware of the problem to bring the economy back to even close to even.

And he has never vetoed a spending bill from Dems or the Republicans. Now we're so far in debt, we'll never get out. He passes every pork spending bill that comes up and now, as a result, before long we'll run out of money to defend our country.

And the Republican Congress is too cowardly to say aloud what I am saying, even though they are aware of the problem.

I look forward to the next presidential election. If we can keep from going down the tubes for another two and a half years, maybe we can get out of the quagmire President Bush has singlehandedly gotten us into.

Yeah, I know; The president doesn't spend money! But he could stop it from being spent with a red inked veto pen. Think about it; he has never vetoed a bill in all his years in office. Now that's scary!



Blogger J C said...

Yeah, I Know! "disappointment." (one 's')

9:28 PM  

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