Friday, April 21, 2006

Letter To The Vice President...

Here is a copy of an e-mail I just sent to the Vice President, fyi.

Mr Cheney,
By now you must know that President Bush does not understand what is going on between the different factions of the Muslims in Iraq. I checked and found out that you are an Aquarian and, as such, are more into things like human nature.

If you agree with me, that the Muslims in Iraq and all other Muslim dominated countries will never be friends with the United States, not enough that we can ever really trust them, then you know that we have done all we can to help the Iraqis. We did what we meant to do by deposing Saddam Hussein. Now it is up to the Iraqi people to put their country together. I know nothing we do will make any difference as to how that country conducts itself in the future. As long as those people are subjects of Islam, they will be the same as they always have been. We need to turn it over to them and bring our people home.

Also, you need to encourage the President to do the right thing here at home. He needs to, by executive order if necessary, open ANWAR and off coast areas, both east and west and the Gulf of Mexico to oil well drilling and exploration.

And he needs to un-nationalize the national park in Utah (the one Clinton made a national park by executive order) and encourage people to mine the biggest coal deposit in the US that is located there.

If I make this letter too long I'm sure no one will read it so here is a link to my blog.

I hope you will seriously consider what I suggest. Mr Bush doesn't seem capable of making the decisions that are needed to maintain this country as a Sovereign Nation. The President needs to learn to act like the most powerful man in the world, not boastfully but with confidence, for the good of the United States of America, as did Ronald Reagan.

The illegal immigration situation needs to be dealt with. It's not complicated. We just enforce the law. Someone will get hurt but someone is being hurt right now by the illegals breaking the law and the President not doing anything about it.

I hope you will explain to Mr Bush about 'executive order' and the 'veto'. Those two things can work wonders, utilized properly.

I think the President is afraid to speak up about Iran and China. Please do your best to help and encourage him, and guide him to the best of your ability. I know you are capable of doing this.

Very Sincerely and with All Due Respect,
Red Bluff, Ca 96080



Blogger MonicaR said...

They seem to be listening to you JC - so keep on writing!

8:47 PM  

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