Monday, May 29, 2006

More Heros...

I wrote about my Hero, my Uncle Bill on my other blog. I think a few more need to be honored.

Although Uncle Bill was my only relative that I know of who died in a war, others have also fought and put their lives on the line for me.

The first is my step brother, Big James. He was in the Army during the Korean War. I don't know if he was wounded; he never told me. He wouldn't hardly talk about it at all.

Then there was my other step brother, Bobby. He was in the Air Force. I don't know if he ever fought in combat, either. I never asked him.

Then there was my ex-brother-in-law, LD. He was in the Marine Corp. I don't know if he ever fought the enemy.

These boys served their country with honor. I don't know if they fought the enemy; I don't know if they were ever shot at; I don't know if they ever crawled through muddy trenches or shot enemy soldiers or fought hand to hand to defend our country but, I know this; they were there and would have if it had been necessary.

They're Heroes, too.

My other brother-in-law, Clarence, was in Korea during WWII. I saved mentioning him until last because he did tell me about it.

He was in Korea fighting Japs during the Big One. He told me about shooting an enemy soldier (it was luck, he said) who was patrolling in front of a cave.

The way the story went was, the Jap Soldier was walking back and forth in front of the mouth of a cave. Clarence had sneaked up to within about 400 yards (a looooong ways for a pistol) of the cave and all he had was his 45 pistol.

He thought, "Well, what the heck, it's worth a try" He brought the pistol up and drew a bead aways above the man and squeezed the trigger. He said the guy flinched and reached over and rubbed his arm and checked his hand for blood. And, of course, he heard the pistol's pop. Then he started looking around, trying to figure where the shot came from. Clarence said he crouched down and ran for about a half an hour without ever looking back! He got away and lived to tell me that story.

These men are all Heros. The ones who fired a gun and the ones who didn't.

I was in the Army for three years and was lucky enough to stay in the states all that time.(El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico-wooo) And I'm thankful to all these boys who were willing to fight for my right to be free.

I remember Junior Green, who lived on Connie Way in Modesto, Little Okie, who was the first kid from our neighborhood to die in the Korean War. He's a Hero, too.

Thank God there are still Heros 'Over There' who are willing to make the Supreme sacrifice so the rest of us can write in our blogs and complain about unimportant things, and fuss about little or nothing if we feel like it.

My back is aching a little bit and I wonder if I will be able to sleep well tonight. I don't know; Maybe I can find a muddy ditch somewhere and lie in the mud all night and see if I can forget about this little ache in my back.(the one I got from sleeping on a too soft mattress)

Well, there are a few more of my Heros. I hope you all have someone you can look up to, also.

God Bless Our Heros and God Bless the United States of America!



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