Thursday, May 11, 2006

Skeeters' Rose...

This is a picture of Skeeters' Rose. It was the first and biggest flower that grew on Skeeters' rose bush. From the farthest left petal to the farthest right petal was about eight inches. It was beautiful, just like Skeeter.

Skeeters' grave was between our house and the western fence and didn't get much sunlight.After the rose bushs' second year(1994)which was the first year it produced flowers, the roses were smaller. The bush grew up toward the sun and it was always spindly.

If it sounds as if I'm reminiscing, I am. At 70 years of age, that happens; at least with me. I find myself reliving more and more of the past as I get older. Sometimes it's exciting and satisfying.

As an afterthought, here is a verse from a Roy Orbison song I just wrote up in my Music Program file on Band in a Box yesterday that says it for me, maybe better than I did.

In a cold December, memories can melt your heart away
In a warm September, you may still remember yesterday
Even in the darkest night when dreams fade away
When your love is gone you'll never be alone in memories

Memories while walking through a winter snow
Memories when summer breezes start to blow
When true love is far away, it may be yours in memories

Memories while falling leaves just fill the air
Memories when springtime comes and love's not there
Even when you cry, try not to say goodbye to memories

Golden memories can turn the night in to day
Teach your heart to smile and live each day a while in memories

Now I'm going to the creek for the first time this year to look for a gold nugget (and make another adventure for later, when I'm 80). Wish me luck and maybe I'll find the big one!



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