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I Think It's Time To Bring 'em Home...Don't You?...

Officers Likely to Be Charged in Haditha Killings, Sources Say

Army Dog Handler Gets 90 Days' Hard Labor

A 3rd Allegation of Iraq Civilian Deaths

Marines to Face Charges in Iraqi's Death

New 'Iraq massacre' tape emerges

Officers Likely to Be Charged in Haditha Killings, Sources Say

Investigators of Haditha Shootings Look to Exhume Bodies

Kerry Attacks Bush Over Iraq Policies

These news items were all found on one page of a popular news web site. Out of thirty two articles, ten were about the military.

Wait, you say, one is about a dog handler here in the states and one is repeated and one is about what John Kerry thinks! (I hate to say it but I agree with Kerry) Maybe so but it has become obvious that there is a feeding frenzy on and our soldier boys and girls are the fodder and I think it stinks!

We should have brought them home as soon as the Iraqis voted in their government. The Iraqis should thrash out their own problems now that we have gotten rid of Hussein. It's their country, after all!

And besides that, in a year it'll be just like it was when Hussein ran the country. Those people are Muslims and will never get along with us or anyone else. The people over there are stupid and will always allow some imam to tell them what to do, just like the Iranians do!

Folks, are we going to just sit by and let our soldiers be made scape goats of everything that happens in Iraq? Are we going to stand by and allow our kids to take the blame for all kinds of imagined atrocities in Iraq? We're supposed to be in a war and helping those stupid people! Why is there such a desire to diss our folks who are fighting and dying for us and for the Iraqis?

Let's face it; the war is over and has been for a year now. We need to forget all this bull shit the media and people who hate us and our troops are spouting!

"I was in WWII and the Korean War. I shot and killed about seventeen (I lost count) German soldiers in France and I killed about twenty three North Koreans, six with a hand grenade I threw into a bunker, and only God knows how many more than the ones I counted. I acted as a forward observer for an artillery piece that blasted a second story apartment that housed six German soldiers. It turned out, there was a woman and her kid in there, too. Sometimes that happens.

I got a Bronze Star for heroism in France and a Silver Star for Bravery in Korea. For killing about forty six enemy soldiers and at least two civilians, probably more, I was considered a hero. No one wrote anything bad about me. Like this in Iraq is, that was war and people died."

I didn't do all that, of course, but I could have, at least the Korean part, but a lot of men did and hundreds of thousands died doing it to defend our country. A few sore heads gave our boys and girls a bad time about those wars but, for the most part, they were and still are heroes, just like our kids in Iraq and Afghanistan are heroes.

But now, almost every day there are dozens of articles about them, saying how bad they are and they are killers and every soldier who has killed someone, anyone, should be investigated and prosecuted. In wars, people die and we can't always pick and choose who it is.

Folks, we need to get off our asses now and make Bush bring our folks home while they are still heroes, before anymore get punished for doing what we sent them there to do! Those people over there will never be like we are and it's stupid to think we can make them.

Let's sacrifice a little now by contacting everyone who is anyone and demanding they protect our kids who are sacrificing a lot so we can do what we are doing right now! I think they're worth it, don't you? OK, let's prove it!

Boy, I can just hear those phone calls and see those e-mails going out to the Pres and VP and our Reps and Sens! Way to go, folks! If we all pull together and bother them enough, they'll bring our kids home where they belong!

By e-mail, a copy and paste of this article will reach the President and Vice President today with a link to my Blog. I hope it pisses them off enough to take offense and try to do something about me! I believe that's what it takes!



Blogger bigwhitehat said...

I have quit consuming news from these people.

4:06 PM  
Blogger sandy said...

Do you think it was time to bring the troops home from Viet Nam just because of bad press and some soldiers killing innocent people?

Do we now think it's a bad war? Are we going to put our tail between our legs and run?

If we will take all the Armed Forces and put them all around the perimeter of the United States, stop all non domestic flights in and out of the US, then I say yes, bring um home.

9:32 PM  
Blogger J C said...

I don't think we should have been in Viet Nam in the first place. Nor Korea, for that matter. Those wars were Harry Trumans and Lyndon Johnsons' wars and were much more political since we had nothing to fear from either of those countries.

We don't have our tails between our legs and we won't be running. We went there to stop the manufacturing of weapons of mass destruction and to remove Hussein. We have finished doing what we went to Iraq to do. There is no good reason now to keep killing the people we went there to help unless we just have to show the world how tough we are by killing everyone we can. And certainly no good reason for anymore of our people to die. Those people will still be different Muslim sects and fighting each other for control of that Islamic country long after we are gone. Now we need to allow the people we freed to work out their own problems. Iraq is not one of the United States and not a US terrority.
And being there isn't in any way stopping anyone from coming here and has nothing to do with our border situation. The people who terrorized the US weren't from Iraq, anyhow. Most of them were from Arabia. We just need to stop illegals from entering this country, from Mexico, Canada and anywhere else and screen the ones coming in more closely.

I think all of us who want our troops to stay there and be killed should join them over there see what it's like to be shot at or killed for no good reason!

Now, do you have anymore questions?

7:58 AM  
Blogger sandy said...

No questions. I stand by my comment. No matter the reason for pulling out it will be seen as a surrender and will only encourage more attacks.

Or do you think we are just lucky not to have had more 9-11's

10:35 AM  
Blogger J C said...

You're entitled to your opinion, as uninformed as it is. Many people have them.

It's not cowardly to pull out after the job is done. It's sensible. The reason (as I've already said and everyboby should know) we went to Iraq was to stop the manufacture and distribution of weapons of mass destruction (gasses, poisons, et al) and remove Saddam. We did it.

Those people over there now are killing each other, more than they are killing our people, for control of Iraq. That should be obvious. It should be their civil war, not ours. Many of the people we are killing now are members of different sects, fighting each other. It has nothing to do with whether or not there have been more terrorist attacks here.

2:32 PM  
Blogger sandy said...

I know I don't have the ear of the President as you do. I guess that's why I may be uninformed.
Big But, I thought we were there to help establish a democratic government and help them stabilize their country. If all we intended to do was get rid of Hussien, then I suppose our job is done. Please ask the President next time you talk to him if that is so.

3:55 PM  
Blogger sandy said...

Go to this blog and read her article on "Black Hawk Down"

4:00 PM  
Blogger J C said...

If you had been paying attention, you'd have known that's why we are there. That's what he sent the troops in to do. And maybe you can call the Pres and tell him which free democratic Muslim nation he can model Iraq after. I don't know of any.

We're not supposed to be in the business of nation building. Our troops are supposed to kill people and break things; that's their job, not baby sitting a bunch of Muslims and certainly not telling them how to vote. Watch what happens if one of our kids decides to read his Bible or criticizes the Koran. That's what all of those Muslim countries are about.
If a relative of mine dies, I want him to know it means something, not just that he should have been sticking up for a Sunni Muslim instead of a Shiite Muslim. That just don't make no sense to me! And that's what is happening in Iraq right now.

I know all about the BlackHawk Down. None of that should have happened. That's what happens when we try to help a Muslim country. They're all too stupid to know the difference between right and wrong and we should let them kill each other off instead of fooling with them.

It's just like the tsunami destruction. England and Sweden, or whichever, wanted to ship machinery there to aid those people and their (Muslim) government wouldn't let it in to help until the country trying to help paid a tax to them.

Have you written to the President yet with any suggestions? Try it sometimes. It might help.

6:19 PM  

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