Friday, June 16, 2006

What a Disappointment Bush Is...

to everyone who is concerned about illegals, Mexicans and potential terrorists, coming into the country from the south!

Here is a man who is at the beck and call of Vicente Fox, the president of Mexico but can't meet with the people who are charged with keeping our southern border safe.

Bush will meet with Fox anytime the Mexican president asks him to, but;

Bush snubs border sheriffs... President refuses to meet coalition as lawmakers prepare hearings.

Sara A. Carter Staff Writer says: "President Bush has refused to meet with border law enforcement officials from Texas for a second time. His response to their request came in the form of a letter Monday, angering both lawmakers and sheriffs."

What a disappointment this man has been as a president. Since he took office, we have the highest budget deficit in years and the highest trade deficit in history.

" The yawning U.S. trade deficit grew wider in June, hitting $58.8 billion for the month, chiefly due to soaring oil prices and a surge of textiles and apparel from China. It was the third-highest monthly deficit on record and exceeded economists' projections by more than $1 billion."
Our overall trade deficit with China is over 200 billion bucks and Bush does nothing about it. China manipulates its' currency so that country outstrips the US in trade profits us at every turn and Bush continues to allow that to happen.

The president must thank God every day for allowing him to have the war on terror to help him appear to be president. Thank God he cannot run again for the office he now disgraces!



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