Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Missiles Fired by North Korea; Tests Protested...

What's Bush gonna do now? I think one of his 'un-named' officials said it right:

'"Our hope is that the Chinese are going to be furious," said one senior American official, who declined to be identified.'

I believe China is the reason Bush hasn't done a lot of things he should have. He's even afraid to insist China abide by the US-China trade agreement. That's why the trade imbalance is so high in Chinas' favor between the US and that country. Maybe we need to be sneak attacked by China. Maybe that'll get Bush off his soapbox and into some action!

It's gonna be funny to see what, if anything, he does about North Korea, and Iran, too, for that matter. Too bad Ronald Reagan isn't around to tell the kid how to act like the leader of the most powerful nation on earth, while we still are.

Stay tuned!



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