Friday, June 23, 2006

The Fat's In The Fire Now...

As the old saying goes, "The fat's in the fire now!" The fat being American brand Muslims that have "...given their lives to Allah."

Evidently some nut named Batiste is the leader of these stupid people.

"Batiste met several times in December 2005 with a person purporting to be an al-Qaida member and asked for boots, uniforms, machine guns, radios, vehicles and $50,000 in cash to help him build an "'Islamic Army' to wage jihad'," the indictment said. It said that Batiste said he would use his "soldiers" to destroy the Sears Tower."

What are these people thinking? I think they are all black men. That's the indication although it hasn't been stated yet in a news dispatch as far as I know. I guess the reporters are afraid they'll offend someone. However they sure didn't hesitate to declare the race of the white guy who was arrested at the beginning of this terrorist fiasco. Go figure!

I notice no black person of any mention has arisen in defense of this country by condemning these latest terrorists. Maybe I'll e-mail the Nation of Islam and ask what they think about these people. Their answer should be something to chuckle about.

Let's see how long it takes for Colin Powell or Al Sharpton or that black woman from Texas or Louis F. or Jesse Jackson to speak up about this. And see what they have to say. This should be good!



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