Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Proof's in the Pudding...

The old saying,"The proof's in the pudding," is somehow appropriate here.
"We haven't heard even a whisper from you," Mohammed Mahdi Akef said. "You can't provide medicine and milk and the necessities of life to our besieged people in Palestine .... You take a hesitant stance toward their freely elected government, fearing the spread of the virus of freedom to your own fertile pastures."

This high ranking Muslim is speaking to all other Muslim nations in the area. I think the text of his message pretty well speaks for itself.

The saying, "The proof's in the pudding." Also, a popular talk show host said,"Words mean things." In the paragraph above, both sayings apply.

Mohammed Mahdi Akef said, "...spread of the virus of freedom..."

This guy thinks freedom is a virus and he is afraid it might spread in the Muslim Middle East. I think that reflects the thinking of all the Muslim leaders. They want the power to be with them as leaders and are afraid of individual freedoms.
It's too bad us Christians are too cowardly to speak up for ourselves and our military people. I'm sure Jesus doesn't want us to die in the defense of a bunch of Muslim devils!

Yesterday (or the day before) I heard a Muslim leader in Iraq state unequivocally that Iraq is in the midst of a civil war. If that's the case, folks, then it's time for us to come home. Personally I wouldn't know whether to kill Sunnis or Shiites. And I'd be afraid that I might be prosecuted by my own country if I accidently killed the wrong one.

It's time for President Bush to state publicly who he is for, the Sunnis or the Shiites, so our troops will know which ones to kill! We should insist that he do it now! That's the least we can do for our kids in Iraq fighting for someones'(?) freedom!



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