Saturday, June 24, 2006

Give the Devil His Due...

"Executive Order: Protecting the Property Rights of the American People " I have to say, President Bush has finally done something right. By issuing this executive order, he has indicated he actually cares a smidgeon about the Constitution and the rights of American citizens.

Now if he'll do it again for the immigration situation and drilling and exploration in ANWAR and off the coasts of California, Florida and Texas, he might reserve for himself a place in the "Plus" side of history.

His problem now might be, now that the world knows the President can issue an executive order whenever he feels like it, why doesn't he do it more often?

The Republican Senate seems incapable of acting positively on important issues like the Immigration Bill so why does not Mr Bush do what he can to get it done, that is, issue an executive order making the bill law? It would not only get the job done but it would show the Congress that he will take matters into his own hands if they do not do their jobs and, maybe by doing that, he would force Congress to actually accomplish something instead of just posturing.

We'll see if this was real or just a single loaded round that accidently got mixed in with the blanks.



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