Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Obama Calls Clinton Divisive Figure...

This is from a man who just recently vowed to not use devisive and derogatory language about the other candidates in his campaign. So, hey, WHAT IS THIS? Accusations by innuendo?

DENVER (AP) - Democratic White House candidate Barack Obama on Wednesday said rival Hillary Rodham Clinton is too polarizing to win the presidency and she has taken positions shared by President Bush and Republican candidate John McCain...

Later Wednesday, Obama gave a 10-minute talk by live broadcast to a joint meeting in Atlanta of four historically black Baptist denominations, where Clinton was to appear in person later. These groups produced some of the most prominent civil rights leaders, including the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.. whom Obama quoted.

"Pastors are pushing this movement forward," Obama said of his campaign, "and I need each and every one of you in this fight."

He asked the audience to imagine what it would mean for the (black) country to see him with his hand on the Bible, taking the presidential oath of office.

"Our (black) children will look at themselves differently and their possibilities differently. They'll look at each other differently," he said.

How gullible are the black ministers and the American people in general? This man claims allegiance to a Black Church, (United Trinity Church of Christ) a Black Continent (Africa) and he lies about never having attended a Muslim school.

I sure don't want another Clinton for president but not as much as I don't want a racially motivated black Muslim (?) for a president.

You folks better think long and hard about this fellow?

Oh, by the way, whatever happened to religious orders (these Baptist Churches) losing their federal income tax exemptions for preaching politics in favor of a particular candidate? But, what the hey, they're black so maybe that doesn't apply here with Barack Allah Obama! It didn't with Baracks' black brother, Bill Clinton, either!



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