Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dick Morris on Barack Obama...

I am now, as of today, sicker of hearing what a great person Barack Obama is than I was sick of hearing that Princess Di was actually Mary, the Mother of God, in drag!

For all the good it does, (who knows) my e-mails stating my opinions (true facts)about fake "true Americans" such as Barack Obama, will still keep going out.

Maybe someday the secret service or a United Trinity Church of Christ (not a true church)representative or now, an American Nation of Islam Muslim Terrorist will take offense and I will be martyred or in some other way (I hope) acknowledged.

Anyhow, (I say that a lot) here is a copy of the e-mail I sent to News Max. I hope it inspires someone before we get a loyal African as President.

"Concerning Mr Morris's piece, "Obama's Experience Shows;" Mr Morris, Fox News, CNN and, even you, News Max, have given Mr Obama a free ride on what I consider the most important aspect of his run for the office of president; his religion.

You all made points of Mr Romney's Mormon religion and Mr Huckabee's Baptist "radical right" position but Mr Obama's pledge of allegiance to his Black Mother Africa instead of his real nation, the United States of America, which is never mentioned in his church's description of it's loyalties (as never is the term 'white')has gotten a pass from all of you.

You should be ashamed for deceiving the American people with your lack of concern of a subject which should have disqualified Mr Obama as a candidate to represent all Americans at the beginning.

Jim xxxxxxxxx, a 72 year old true American and a real Christian, a member of the true Church of Christ of all people!"



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