Monday, July 14, 2008

It Gets Much More Important...

The contest to determine who are the presidential candidates is over. That was the easy part. It was a bit awkward to select the Republican nominee because there were many qualified people there but the Democrat was easy. After eight years of Bill Clinton, his "Stand By Your Man," wife, Hillary, never had a chance. The man who probably would have been the best Dem, John Edwards, was out after not too much ado, mostly about nothing.

Those ridiculous "debates" did nothing except cover the fact that Barack Obama knows virtually nothing about what goes on, has gone on and should go on. We're in for it now that Obama and McCain are the nominees.

Actually, there should be no contest if we concentrate on character and experience, both of which McCain has and neither of which Obama has.

Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, I hope you will value truth above all. I am a Republican and almost any other Republican candidate would have been preferable over McCain who, in my opinion, is much too liberal. The thing about McCain, though, is, he is honest. I cannot find a lie he has told. He has changed a few outlooks but has always been truthful.

I cannot say the same about Obama. He has lied and been deceitful at times. His statement that he never heard any of the hateful things said by his pastor, Mr Wright, is a very obvious lie. For him to attend that so called church for twenty years and never heard Pastor Wright insult this Country and white Americans is absolutely unbelievable; no, impossible.

And then, after swearing allegiance and never-ending faith in that man, his pastor, he dumped him like a load of fertilizer.

I'm sorry; there should not even be a choice to be made about whom the next President should be. Senator McCain is very undesirable but Senator Obama is absolutley unacceptable. Please give a lot of thought to it before you decide who should lead this Nation. You have only one vote. Please make it count!


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

How's This Grab You?...

"The United States on Tuesday rejected a demand from Iraq for a specific date for pullout of US-led foreign troops from the country..."
Now is this the pits, or what? Iraq says,'we've had it; we want you to go,' and the mighty US says, 'No way, not until we say so!'  
W can't give up his game; his one claim to fame!  Go figure!