Sunday, July 29, 2007

Thompson-Gingrich...How's That For A Team?...

I posted this on my other blog and decided to post it here, too, to see what you think. Any comments about the team of Fred Thompson-President-
Newt Gingrich-Vice President?

I Like it! I'd like it either way; Thompson/Gingrich or Gingrich/Thompson.

Either way would just about guarantee a Republican President for another 16 years! Whatta ya think?


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Woman raped before "honor killing": court...

There's a Muslim in Congress and one running for president. This horrible thing that was done to Banaz Mahmod, the girl shown here and mentioned below, could eventually become not only a common occurrence but legal if Barak Obama is elected president and Christians do nothing about all the Muslim terrorists (that includes ALL MUSLIMS) that live in the United States right now. Remember, this 20 year old girl could be your daughter or sister.

LONDON (Reuters) - A Kurdish woman was brutally raped, stamped on and strangled by members of her family and their friends in an "honor killing" carried out at her London home because she had fallen in love with the wrong man.

Banaz Mahmod, 20, was subjected to the 2-1/2 hour ordeal before she was garroted with a bootlace. Her body was stuffed into a suitcase and taken about 100 miles to Birmingham where it was buried in the back garden of a house.

Kurds are a branch of the Sunni Muslims, for the information of those who don't already know.

Crying "WOLF?" That's what they said when someone tried to warn people about an Arab nutcase named Muhammad when he first started killing people to force them to convert to the wacko 'religion' of islam that he thought up in his cave almost 1500 years ago.


Monday, July 23, 2007

Falling dollar puts pressure on Opec...

"The falling US dollar is lowering the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries’ purchasing power by up to a third, making the powerful oil cartel more reluctant to increase production and cut prices.

Although oil is trading near last August’s record $78.65 a barrel, Opec calculations show that, when adjusted for the weaker dollar and inflation, an average of the 12 Opec members’ crude oil prices has fallen in the past year."

Hey, how about this! Our friends of OPEC, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc., etc., and etc have decided that, even though they have raised the price of crude to triple what it was 18 months ago, we (the US) are still paying too little because of the devaluing US dollar. 'duh'...Go figure!

Now I ask you, everyone who is watching our President, George W Bush, doing anything about it, like opening ANWAR so we can drill for our own oil and opening our coasts and the Gulf of Mexico,(where the biggest oil pool in the world was recently found) please raise your hands!

Just as I hands up! Won't it be nice when we get a president who will keep his promise and do something to protect our country.


Monday, July 16, 2007

Bush like Hitler, says first Muslim in Congress...

Well, it's started. There's a Muslim in Congress and he's already comparing our President to Adolf Hitler. That's just the beginning. If Obama gets to be president, we're gonna be in a shit pot of hurt!

We'd better get started putting a stop to this fiasco before it's too late.

Get busy writing to people and letting them know how you feel, before it's too late.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

The war in Iraq and Islamic States...What Can We Do?...

...One thing we can do is let someone know how we feel about the state of our nation. I sent this e-mail to the President, the Vice President, the two California Senators and Representative Herger. I don't know if it will do any good but I am positive it wouldn't do any good to NOT send it!

Greetings: I am sending this to the President and others in the hopes someone will read it and understand it is not an opinion but a fact; Muslims are not our friends. The American service people who are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan are dying for nothing. The Muslim people we claim to defend will be happy to see all of us Americans killed, however it happens. We took out Saddam, now we need to come home and let those people determine their own fate.

The countries, as nations, will never be our friends as long as they are Islamic Nations. Their Koran won't allow it, as stated in the book, The Dinner Table: "[5.51] O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people."

All Muslims live to kill or convert to Islam, everyone who is not a Muslim. Their ideology demands it. The Muslim 'Religion' was started by Mahammad, an Arab who hated Jews and Christians and wanted a justified reason for killing them. That's an historical fact.

There will come a time in the not too distant future when the free people of the world will have to rise up and attack and defeat all Muslim nations in response to the now on-going Islamic jihad against all infidels, particularly Jews and Christians, that is being held by all Muslims the world over. The world will not be safe as long as there are Muslims.

All Muslims are potential terrorists. All one needs is an opportunity to kill an American and those opportunities are becoming more frequent.

I'm sorry I voted for George W Bush. I think the best thing that will happen to the US is George Bush ending his term as President. He has to know Muslims are not our friends and there are Muslim schools right here in the United States that teach kids to hate Jews and Christians. He knows it and does nothing about it.

The President has failed the American People in the Muslim terrorist, the oil exploration and drilling in ANWAR and the illegal immigration arenas. He should step down and allow Dick Cheney to finish this term. I know Mr Cheney would be better for America than is George Bush. Sincerely:

James and Donna XXXXXXXXX 136 XXXX XXXXXX Drive Red Bluff, Ca 96080


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Cal Thomas for President!...Finally, an Honest Man...

Finally someone who is in the media business who isn't afraid to tell the truth. Cal Thomas has said aloud what most of us have known for a long time but the media and our President George W Bush are too cowardly to say: "Muslims are like a spreading cancer"... and the US is one of the victims.

I have to compliment Mr Thomas for telling the truth and sticking to it. I sent an e-mail to the newspaper who ran his commentary and told the editor I fully agree with Mr Thomas.

Go to this link and see what you think. If you agree with him, send an e-mail or letter or make a phone call to his people and let them know! Remember, MUSLIMS ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS!!!


Sunday, July 01, 2007

Wonder How the Muslims Will Win?...

That's no mystery! They have a lot of help from people in high places! Listen to the Mayor of London after the last two terrorist attacks in London:

LONDON (AFP) - London Mayor Ken Livingstone called on Britons Saturday not to demonize Muslims after a double car bomb plot was foiled in the capital, amid fears of a Islamist terror threat. At the same time he criticized Britain over its ties with Saudi Arabia, which he said had fuelled intolerance in the past through its Wahhabist form of Islam, creating a "major problem.""In this city, Muslims are more likely to be law-abiding than non-Muslims and less likely to support the use of violence to achieve political ends than non-Muslims," he told BBC Radio."They have played a good and active and growing role in creating a multi-cultural society," he added.

And we can't leave out our own president, George W Bush in a speech he made;

...I also want to speak tonight directly to Muslims throughout the world. We respect your faith. It's practiced freely by many millions of Americans, and by millions more in countries that America counts as friends. Its teachings are good and peaceful, and those who commit evil in the name of Allah blaspheme the name of Allah. (Applause.) The terrorists are traitors to their own faith, trying, in effect, to hijack Islam itself. The enemy of America is not our many Muslim friends; it is not our many Arab friends. Our enemy is a radical network of terrorists, and every government that supports them."

With the leaders of London and the United States on their side, (the Muslims-terrorists) how can they lose?

I tell you, folks, we need to speak up and remind Bush that Muslims are not our friends, before it's too late.