Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Nature At Work-Reclaiming Her Land?...

An awful lot of work and research is being done about hurricanes, how they are formed and why they are formed. What is happening to the south eastern portion of the continent upon which the US sits and why is it happening?
We know, of course, the gulf stream with it's warmer water flows in a north-easterly direction and the warm water contributes to the formation and intensity of the hurricane.
There are other factors as well which contribute to the formation of the earths' greatest power, the hurricane, and we are aware of most of these.

However, could it be that something very simple is being overlooked here? Could it be that what is happening is no mystery at all and is something we must accept and decide to deal with? Can it be we nave no choice?

From the Hadean Era, when there was no life or even a hint of it to the Cenozoic Era, now while we are blogging, there have been thousands of instances of what we consider drastic change. In the first period there was nothing but dust and gasses; there was no earth as we now know it.

With each succeeding period, changes took place and the earth became something else entirely from what it was before.

In the beginning of the land masses we consider as earth, it is believed the world could have been one chunk of land. Others think it was several pieces of land that came together and formed a super-continent.(Rodinia)

Then, they say, it again broke apart and reformed another mega-continent. (Pangea)

The North American continent has been covered with water, covered with ice, joined to Asia, joined to Africa and who knows what else it has been done to.

There have been a ton of climactic changes over the years; from hot to cold and from cold to hot; from wet to dry and dry to wet. It could be one of those is beginning to take place right now, right under our noses.

We might have to face the fact the southern part of the US, along the Gulf Coast will, before many more years, be re-claimed by Ma Nature. If that is what she decides, there will not be much we can do about it.
I have an idea the next few years will clear that up for us, one way or the other.

In the mean time, someone needs to very carefully consider the pros and cons of re-building that entire area.There are ways to check different areas of the world against ours to see if there are changes to weather patterns, in the Bering Strait, for instance, or the North Sea. Weather patterns anywhere affect other weather patterns and there must be some way to check all of them to determine if what is happening here is a part of a world wide change in weather patterns.

If it turns out the weather patterns world wide are indeed correspondingly changing, indicating that the global weather system will be different from the present one, we will be helpless to do anything about it.

This kind of a check could probably be done within a month or so. The rulers of our world (Bush, N O Mayor, La Gov and Sean Penn and Barbara Streisand)could throw out a balloon with this possibility and suggest some temporary lodgings until such an investigation could be made and see what happens citizen-wise. (Penn could distribute circulars from his boat)

To begin rebuilding now and find next year that the same thing will happen again would be the shits.

Well, as has happened many times in the past, maybe someone will read this and decide it has some merit and take credit for it. I hope so. I don't pay taxes anymore but I have friends and relatives who do and we all hate to see our money flushed down the shitter.

Weather: "Everybody talks about it but nobody does anything about it." It might be time to start listening to Ma Nature instead of just talking about it.


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Al Gore's Gonna Crap...

Old Al is gonna crap now we've found out a star might be responsible for the so called 'global warming'. Seems like a neutron star exploded and the gamma (etc) waves reached the good old earth and caused a little disturbance in our atmosphere. I didn't read all of the article so I'm not sure it says that but, what the hell, I can start a rumor as well as the next person!

I need to be careful, though. I'm a middle class white person so I might get prosecuted or persecuted or what-ever-secuted for starting an unfounded rumor.(is there any other kind)
If I get caught I'll tell them I am an ex-football player turned basketball player and I'll rub some ashes on myself to get darker and jump a lot.(to look taller)

Right now I'm gonna keep a check on the news to see who is blamed for that neutron star explosion. It'll probably turn out to be GWB or Dick C. (or some other nondescript individual.


Finally, the Truth About Katrina-It Was All Racial...

It looks like Katrina wasn't so bad after all. There was no looting, no rapes, no killing, no gangs, no shootings or anything else like that going on in and around the super dome and other places where the refugees went.

'Times-Picayune Editor Jim Amoss cited telephone breakdowns as a primary cause of reporting errors, but said the fact that most evacuees were poor African Americans also played a part.'

"If the dome and Convention Center had harbored large numbers of middle class white people," Amoss said, "it would not have been a fertile ground for this kind of rumor-mongering."

Well, there you have it. It was all a racial lie, started to demean a bunch of really nice black people who wouldn't do anything to harm anyone.

Even Alan Coombs of Fox News got in on trying to demean those nice folks.

Fox News, a day before the major evacuation of the Superdome began, issued an "alert" as talk show host Alan Colmes reiterated reports of "robberies, rapes, carjackings, riots and murder. Violent gangs are roaming the streets at night, hidden by the cover of darkness.
"Wait, here's another blurb from the dome:

Louisiana National Guard Col. Thomas Beron, who headed security at the Superdome, said that for every complaint, "49 other people said, 'Thank you, God bless you.'"

There; as you can see, there couldn't have been anything bad going on. For every one person who complained, "Please help me. Someone has raped me and killed my child and beat up my husband," 49 others said, "Thank you,-God bless you!"

Well, hell, that's not bad. Let's see...there were @91,000 evacuees in both the super and astro domes at one time or, everytime one person reported a rape, a killing or a beating, 49 said, "Thank you, God bless you,"...let's see,-that would make only 1857 rapes, killing and beatings.

Looking at it like that, it wasn't so bad after all. Not as bad as New Orleans before the hurricane. (of course, that's just a rumor) Now I guess those people who did the evil things will get away with it because it didn't happen to at least half the people there and, besides, most of the people who were raped, killed and beat up were "poor African Americans," as were the people who were doing the raping, killing and beating.

What a relief learning about this is. Now I guess, if I can count the right number of people (49 - all poor African Americans) I see who say,"Thank you. God bless you," it will be all right to either rape, kill or beat up the next person. It'd be my luck to pick that really mean woman who played the mad truck driver on 'Monk,' and I'd wind up getting raped, killed or beat up myself. Forget it!

OK, OK, maybe I'm full of it. Or just maybe people are already looking for a way out of having to prosecute the people who really did commit the rapes, killings and beatings...beacuse they, also, are "poor African Americans." (like OJ and Kobe, maybe) I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Maybe we can now understand why the kid got away with attempted murder at Watts when he smashed a guys head in with a brick-on camera. He, too, was just a "poor African American."

As usual, no one is to blame for anything. It was all a mistake. Thank God there were no middle class white people there. No telling what would have happened.


Sunday, September 25, 2005

Looting Rita...

It looks like hurricane Rita will come and go without very much looting. Kinda makes you wonder what the difference is between Rita and Katrina, as far as the looting goes.

There have been a few reports of some minor looting but nowhere near what happened in New Orleans with Katrina. And as far as I can tell, there haven't been murders, rapes and beatings with Rita as with Katrina. Maybe Rita is a classier hurricane that Katrina was. Maybe she doesn't invite perversion as did Katrina.

Whatever the difference, "vive le difference!"


Saturday, September 24, 2005

Finally, Peace Between Israel and Palestine...

Isn't it wonderful that there is now peace between Israel and Palestine?
"Israel ordered ground forces to the Gaza border Saturday and threatened a "crushing" response after Israeli towns were hit by the first major Hamas rocket barrage from the coastal territory since Israel's pullout two weeks earlier."

And now, with such peace, Israel can concentrate on strengthening it's government!

The Cabinet session comes as Sharon faces a major leadership challenge in his Likud Party this week over the Gaza pullout. Sharon's challenger, former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has warned the withdrawal will endanger Israel. The barrage of 39 rockets, with five Israelis hurt, could give him a boost against Sharon.

The end of all the bloodshed is truly a thing of beauty and an encouragment to all people of peace!

The exact number of casualties remained unclear Saturday. Doctors at two Gaza hospitals said they had 15 bodies in their morgues and treated 83 wounded. The Palestinian health ministry counted 17 dead and 140 wounded, with the higher toll possibly due to double registration during the initial chaos.

It looks like the hard work and sacrifice of the Israelis in giving up so much of their country so the Palestinians could have a homelamd has really paid off. Palestine is very thankful for that and understand what Israel did and the sacrifice Israel made for peace.

The Islamic militants had taken center-stage after Israel's withdrawal, holding military-style victory parades, and many Palestinians endorsed the militants' claim that they had driven Israel out by force.

I like the way the Israeli retaliatory strike is worded in this paragraph:
"However, Israel's reprisals caused new hardships for Palestinian civilians, who might blame Hamas"

I think the key word here is, "Reprisals", clearly indicating the first strike was from Palestine to Israel. Why, then, does it indicate self defensive reprisals would present new 'hardships' to the aggressors?

.etc,- etc,- etc- and etc! It just goes on and on.*

Isn't it wonderful to now have peace between the Nation of Israel and the Nation of Palestine? peace? Of course there's peace! Israel forced thousands of its' own people out of their own homes and gave the land to the poor Palestinians just so there could be peace! It wouldn't make sense now for there not to be peace!...Would it?

What a crock! Anyone who thinks there will ever be peace in the world as long as there is Islam, is dreaming. The rest of the world could leave the middle east where most of the Muslim nations are and it wouldn't make a bit of difference. The Muslims are dedicated to world domination, period.
They're worse than the communists ever were because they believe it's alright to blow themselves up as long as some 'infidels' die, too.

Mohammed was a nut case who killed people who dis-agreed with him. That's how he got his religion started and it has never changed and it never will.

Someone prove me wrong. Post something loving and good reflecting any Muslim tenet of this age. That'll be the day!


Friday, September 23, 2005

No Disaster...Not Even an Unfortunate Incident...

Thank you, Lord, Eva and Herman made it to Marshall all right!


Tell It Like It Is...A Disaster or An Unfortunate Incident?...

What is it about numbers or individuals that makes a thing either a disaster or just an 'unfortunate incident'?

Here comes Rita and what is happening is already a disaster, even though she hasn't even reached land yet.

Twenty four people died when a bus exploded and burned on I-45. It was people from a nursing home in the Houston area headed for the Dallas area to escape from Rita. Another disaster.

It looks like New Orleans is in for it again. Rain has already started there and some of the leeves have breached again. Homes will be inundated and folks will have to move out again. Another disaster.

Leavander Johnson died as the result of being knocked out in his last prize fight several days ago. Another disaster? Not hardly. Just an unfortunate incident. There is a notice of his death on the Drudge Report but I had to research it to find a news report anywhere else. I finally found one in a Boxing web site.

What is it that makes the deaths thousands of people as the result of a hurricane a disaster and the death of one person either an unfortunate incident or a disaster, depending on who it is? I guess it's all in the way it's packaged.

You don't think so? Well, here's one for you:
Evander Johnson (one person) died as the result of injuries he received in a fight he had recently. An unfortunate incident.
Look on page nine of the sporting section. It will run for one day.

Princess Dianne (one person) died as the result of an automobile accident. A disaster.
Look on the front page of any newspaper in the world or look at all television reports by all news stations in the world. (it stayed on the front page for about a year).

I think I've made my point for any objective, discerning person. I don't watch the news much anymore because there's nothing more I can do for those unfortunate folks affected by the hurricane.

However, my sister and her husband have left Liberty, Texas, (near Houston) and are headed for Marshall, Texas to escape the wrath of Rita. If, by the will of God, she and Herman were to lose their lives in some manner, since there are only two of them, to those of you who do not know them, it would be an unfortunate incident; for me,(even though there are only two of them) it would be a disaster.


Monday, September 19, 2005

Here We Go Again...

Looks like another hurricane coming in. I sure hope it doesn't hit New Orleans and the same coastline again. Some of the people are just now getting to come back to see what is left of their homes.

Some people are on tv right now talking about the damage to their house. They say it is a total loss but at least the house is still standing. Thank God for them it wasn't a tornado.

If it starts raining again right away there is really going to be hell to pay for all those folks. Especially New Orleans residents. New Orleans is still below sea level and there is still nowhere for water to go and that's not going to change right away.

Maybe in the future, the Mississippi can be diverted by huge underwater pipes with gates or something in extreme cases like this. That would eliminate water coming down the river and mixing with sea water and would make it easier to pump it out.
There might be enough money allocated already for this disaster to get a good start on a project like that.

Everyone, keep your fingers crossed for these people. I guess that'll do as much good as anything.


Sunday, September 18, 2005

Satan - III...At It Again...

It looks like Satan is back and at it again. Not the guy with a pitchfork and a long tail but the guy from Arkansas who did his best to get this nation destroyed for eight years!

"Clinton launches withering attack on Bush on Iraq, Katrina, budget"

I can't imagine this guy criticizing anyone but I'm not surprised. The man he's criticizing is the son of his (Clintons) best friend, Bush senior.

I'd like to see one of the Bush men grow some balls for a change!

Here's a guy (Clinton) who was the most immoral, foulest and most traitorist person to ever inhabit the white house.

Here is a man who was accepting a blow job from Monica Lewinski while he was on the phone with the Pentagon discussing the fate of American soldiers in Kosovo.

Here is a man who violently raped Juanita Broaddrick by holding her bottom lip (he got it into his mouth during a kiss) between his teeth and biting down on it each time she attempted to stop his sexual assault on her.
After he finished raping her, he patted her on the shoulder and told her that her lip looked bad and she should have a doctor take look at it.

Here is a man who, in all probably, ordered the murder of Vince Foster, an associate of his from Arkansas. The theory is, Foster got a conscience about what the Clintons were doing and became a liability to them. Hey, this wouldn't be the first time someone the clintons didn't like disappeared.

Then there is the Loral episode. It seems Loral hired Communist China to launch a missile for them because the Chinese were cheap compared to anyone else.

The problem was, though, the justice department was already investigating Loral for doing the same thing before without clearing it with the U S of A. (They have to clear it to assure there would be no security risk to the US)

Oops, says Loral. sorry about that, and they put it on hold.
However, some there said, "Hey, I know someone in the White house. I'll talk to him."

That someone was Bill Clinton (the man who had just accepted 400,000 bucks from the Red Chinese military as a campaign contribution)
"Well," says Bill, "You folks just go ahead and if anyone says anything, tell them to see me." And that's what they did.

Now comes the good part.
The missile guidance for the missile that the Chinks launched was classified as top secret, a possible national security risk to us if it got into the wrong (Chinese) hands.Until now, the Chinese couldn't aim their missiles more than a thousand or so miles; they couldn't send one to the US because they didn't have a guidance system.

*When the missiles are launched, if something goes wrong on the launch and the missile fails, there are five Amnerican inspectors who must be allowed to go to the crash site and retrieve crucial pieces of equipment, such as guidance systems before anyone else can go there.*

Guess what? The missile of Lorals' was launched and went just far enough to land in a village and kill a bunch of people!

Guess what else? It was over an hour before the Americans were allowed in to the crash sit.

Guess what again? You got it! When they got there, the missile guidance system equipment had mysteriously disappeared. And we also lost an encoding chip. Below is a quote from the article:

"The failure of the Long March allowed the U.S. to recover the sealed satellite guidance box, which revealed the control board of radiation-hardened chips was missing. The missing board from the Loral Intelsat satellite is no mystery. It quickly became obvious that Chinese engineers removed the special electronics and kept the board for examination. The stolen Loral electronics consist of radiation hardened, encrypted telemetry chips, stored in a secure flight control box similar to those found on airliners. The NSA changed all U.S. satellite codes as a result of the stolen Loral chips, costing American taxpayers millions of dollars."

This is the guy who is criticizing George W. Bush and playing grab ass with old man Bush!

Now, one more thing. An organization called, Juducial Watch, that was headed by Larry Klayman, claimed to have the goods on the Clintons. They said they had @60 charges against them and would poste-haste pursue prosecutions against them as soon as Bill was out of office; please send money!
I hope you kept your money. So far it has been just hot air. Klayman is gone-out of it and someone more clean cut looking is running the show now.
I just sent him an e-mail to see if anything has happened yet or if they were paid off. I wait for the answer with bated breath!

If you, in your infinite wisdom, did send money to Judicial Watch, please send some to me, too, and I'll do as much as they have, which, as near as I can see, is naught-zilch-nada-nolo-zip-nothing! And I can use the money!


Thursday, September 15, 2005

Tell It Like It Is...

I think it's time to tell it like it is.

First, let me ask the questions that should have been asked the second day after Katrina moved on.

First: Why are the taxpayers paying for the damage caused by a hurricane?

Second: How can the President and others say they'll keep on paying until all damage is paid for? Up to 200 billion dollars, W says. Where the hell do they think the money will come from?

(And number three: How the hell can anyone justify blaming George Bush for anything that has to do with anything? According to the law, the President cannot do anything in a situation like this until the Governor asks for his help.)

Whoa!! Don't get your bowels in an uproar! The damage will probably get paid for but why should the taxpayers pay? I mean, the damage was done by an act of God; a hurricane. It wasn't a leak from an atomic power plant or something else that was a result of some man made anomaly; some government boo boo; It was a hurricane, for crying out loud!

What ever happened to flood insurance and wind insurance?

I gave money to the relief fund as did a million other people who were touched by the devastation of the hurricane. There's no telling how much money will be raised by donations and that is as it should be. It would be nice if everyone who was wiped out could rebuild and be just as they were before the hurricane.

Now think about this:
Which of you have ever had a house wiped out because of a flood or fire? I know someone out there has been a victim at one time or another. I was as was my sister some years later.

When I was a kid in Merced in 1941, the house we lived in caught fire and burned to the ground. It belonged to an Italian man and we (my family) were living there temporarily. In all, there were seven people living there and the owner was elderly and retired and he had never even heard of insurance. Everyone lost everything.

Guess what? Within a week enough people, both friends and family, showed up to help with money and man power so we could re-build the house. It took about four months to do it but it got done. And the government didn't pay for any of it.

My sisters' house burned down about 1950. It's still down. She didn't rebuild. She didn't have fire insurance or the money and no one else did either. She rented after that.

I want you to think about this objectively.
Suppose you lived near a river. Now suppose the water rose and washed your house away.(Just yours, not a thousand more)Now I ask you, where would you apply for federal money to rebuild your house? And if you did ask for money from the federal government to rebuild your house(the house that didn't have insurance on it)how long would it take the government clerk to stop laughing?

You know, the only difference in those examples I just gave you and what happened in the south is the number of people who lost their homes.

There is difference in making low interest loans available to people and just paying for everything. If those people get their 200,000 bucks apiece for losing their houses to the hurricane Katrina, I will consider blowing the Shasta Dam so I can get mine!

I feel sorry for those people and I hope things get a lot better very soon but I don't know how anyone can justify the taxpayers of America paying for it.

One more thing: After Ivan, Isabel, Dolly or Arlene passed over and left paths of destruction, did the federal government re-imburse all the people who lost their homes? I don't think so. So what would the difference be in those victims and the Katrina victims?. Think about it.


What's It Gonna Take?...

"Iran is willing to provide other Islamic nations with nuclear technology, Iran's hard-line president said Thursday."

What's it gonna take for the people (leaders) of this country to see what is going on globally with the muslims? I'm not a rocket scientist, by any means, but I can see the writing on the wall.

George W has been dumped by the Russkies and the Chinks already about doing anything to prevent Iran from further developing the Big Bomb. Of course, the Russians and Chinese have their own ax to grind with the US of A. They're super pissed that the good old US of A is the last super-dooper power in the world. (but not for long, at the rate we're going)

Of course, Bill Clinton selling the Chinese our top secret missile guidance system didn't help much in us being the only super power. And that son-of-a-bitch is still walking the streets, a free 'man'! (i use the term 'man' very loosely) And stupid, senile old men, like the the first Bush, hob nobbing with him and encouraging his bluster, aren't helping either.

Back to the point. If any of you think the muslims aren't set on wiping all of us out, you better go back and read about the 7th and 8th centuries when they almost did. If the Christians hadn't conjured up some balls and fought back when the muslims reached Greece, we'd all be babbling aramic or arabic or some other '-ic' right now, and bowing toward Mecca five times a day. (and blowing ourselves up every now and then just to show how much we love allah, whatever that is) Too often now the liberals of this country are allowed to demean and degrade with impunity, our Nation and the leaders of this Country. And, of course, having a wimp like W as a leader isn't helping, either. (pardon me for doing what I just accused the lib's of)

What's it gonna take for you people to see that something has to be done about Iran and has to be done right now, not later? By God, I guess I can just keep sitting on my ass and hoping the problem of my existence (or extinction) will go away on its' own but somehow I don't think that'll do any good.


And now I'm gonna go and look at new computers.


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Louis Farrakhan...Minister of God or Hypocrite?...

I liked this one and it didn't get much air time so here it is again. JC... The Nation of Islam! That title sounds impressive, doesn't it?

Here's Louis Farrakhan on the tenth anniversary of the million (black) man march.

"We are inviting our Brothers and Sisters in the Latino community, because they are our family and we have similar issues. Where there are similar issues, we need to form strategic alliances for economic and political power.

We are inviting our Native American family and the poor of our people, for when all of us unite, organize, mobilize and strategize, then we can make America a country of the people, by the people and truly for the people."

Do you notice anyone missing in the quote above?
This is what it should have said;"...America a country of the (black) people, by the (black) people and truly for the (black) people."

You know what's fun is to be able to ask such a question and have the 'minister' himself answer it. What a hypocrite Farrakhan is. He claims to represent love and mercy but if you read him closely, you'll see he is just another racist.

"Yeah, but he preaches so many good things for the black people; pay your child support, get a job, don't rob or kill anyone, etc., etc., and,-oh yes,- etc...
Someone explain to me how you can preach love and the rest of the good stuff and not include everyone, like white people, for instance?

Let's face it-Farrakhan and his whole troupe are just a bunch of racists and, like all Muslims, are interested in eliminating all white Christians and Jews from everywhere.

Notice how the minister includes the name of Jesus in with Mohammed. (Jesus was a living God-Mohammed was an Arab who thought up Islam @500 years after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ) And he (Ferrakhan) quotes Biblical passages supposedly spoken by either Mohammed or Jesus.
I should say, mis-quotes them. He says 1st Corinthians 7/14 talks about helping your brother when, in fact, it speaks of wives and husbands.

Hey, Farrakhan, why not list your organization as a branch of the naacp. Or at least have a dis-claimer at your front door that says, "Blacks only- No Whites Need Apply!"

Hey, Ferrakhan, have you co-ordinated your future plans to coincide with Al Qaidas' plans for an 'Islamic World in 15 years?'

I wonder if, in Heaven, there is a "white side of the tracks"?



I'm baaaccck...Watch out for the lightening bolt!!

"Soloman, Hircules, Atlus,Zoos, Akilles and Murcury,"
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Monday, September 12, 2005

Goodnight All...

Even Captain Marble has to sleep sometimes!


Hi Ya'll......

In the name of these people; "Soloman, Hircules, Atlus,Zoos, Akilles and Murcury," I HAVE ARRIVED!
No, I ain't Captain Marble...

Now what's gonna happen? We'll see!