Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Where Is An Honest and Fearless Leader Of The USA?...

Where is the nerve, or courage, in this country? Are we so intimidated by what some Americans and some people of other countries might think that we cannot admit the truth that Muslims are not our friends?

Muslims have always known they're not our friends and never have been. Sometimes they pretend they are if that suits their needs.

Arabia needs protection from people who want their oil and Arabia wants our money for their oil so they pretend we are friends, as do all the other nations in OPEC.

History proves otherwise, though. Below are some quotes from people who know/knew the score.

"From the first Arab-Islamic empire of the mid-seventh century to the Ottomans, the last great Muslim empire," writes Karsh, "the story of Islam has been the story of the rise and fall of universal empires and, no less important, of imperialist dreams." With brilliant scholarship, Karsh shows how this dream of a global Islamic empire has inspired every Muslim jihadist, including:

Muhammad: "I was ordered to fight all men until they say 'There is no god but Allah'"
Now as far as I can tell, he indicates he was told that by Allah and since Mohammed was the first Muslim, this has to carry a lot of weight.

Then there was Saladin, the mighty Muslim conquerer/warrior of the 12th century.

Saladin, the 12th-century conqueror: "I shall cross the sea to their islands to pursue them until there remains no one on the face of the earth who does not acknowledge Allah"

I know, you say this was hundreds of years ago and means nothing to modern day Muslims. OK. let's get to the here and now.

Does anyone remember the Ayatollah who took all the people from the American Embassy in the late 70s and kept them captive until Ronald Reagan became president in 1980? Here's what he said about the situation:

Iran's Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini: "We will export our revolution throughout the world . . . until the calls 'There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah' are echoed all over the world."

Still a while back, eh? All right, let's get to the here and now. I'm sure you'll recognize this fellow.

Osama bin Laden: "I was ordered to fight the people until they say there is no god but Allah and his prophet Muhammad"

Well, that pretty well got us right up to the present. Now we just need to decide whom we will believe, people like Mr. Bush and others who are afraid they'll offend someone by telling the truth; Muslims are not our friends?

Or will we believe the people who really know what is happening; the Muslims themselves? We'll see.


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Afghan Christian Released... Gosh, This is Getting Too Easy...

I didn't realize it was so easy to get things done in this country.

First I make a couple of calls (one to the President) then I send off a few e-mails and the deal to give our ports to a bunch of Christian hating Muslims is cancelled.

Now I do the same about the Christian who is going to get murdered by some of the same murdering Muslims (all of them hate Christians-it's one of their commandments) and, all of a sudden, the Afghan government lets him go!

Boy, this is too easy! Just think, what if all of us did more complaining to the big guys; think what we could accomplish! I mean, after all, the Lord is on our side!

But, if I have to, I'll just keep taking care of it by myself. Somebody has to do it! I guess I'm it.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

If You Ever Wondered About Islam..."Man May Be Killed For Converting From Islam to Christianity"...

Well, if you ever wondered about what can happen to a Muslim who wants to convert to Christianity, this is from the horses mouth!

Despite the fact the hardline Taliban regime is no longer in power, an Afghan man faces possible execution for allegedly abandoning his Islamic roots and becoming a Christian.
The case centers on Abdul Rahman, believed to be 41, who converted from Islam to Christianity some 16 years ago. His relatives reportedly notified authorities about the conversion.
The constitution in Afghanistan is based on Shariah law, which states any Muslim who rejects his or her religion should be sentenced to death.
"Yes that's true, a man has converted to Christianity. He's being tried in one of our courts," Supreme Court judge Ansarullah Mawlavizada told the Middle East Times.

"We are not against any particular religion in the world. But in Afghanistan, this sort of thing is against the law," the judge told the Associated Press. "It is an attack on Islam. ... The prosecutor is asking for the death penalty."

What I'd like to know is, what are we going to do about this? Most of our men and women in uniform there in Afghanistan, fighting for the freedoms of not only us but the Afghanis, are of the Christian faith.

Most of our soldiers who died there are Christians. Do we stay there and watch the Muslims kill a fellow Christian and do nothing or does our President lay down the law and stop this foul deed from happening? Just what are we fighting for if not the freedom of the people to choose their own religion?

What happens or doesn't happen there about this situation will determine what kind of people the citizens of the United States are.
If we stand by and allow the execution of Abdul Rahman to happen because he chose to be a Christian, then we are no better than the Islamic devils who kill him and we deserve to be judged by the God we claim to worship!

The ACLU and some others are doing their very best to kill God in this country. We already are seeing instances where God and Christianity are outlawed in this country.

The ACLU fights for the rights of queers to lead Boy Scout Troops, even though it's known and has been proven that homosexuals prey on young boys and young men in an effort to turn them into perverts and the same ACLU fights for the rights of pedophiles and rapists; the same ACLU that denies us the right to pray to our God in any public place.

Well, folks, what do we do about this, if anything? Are we ready to leave our soldiers in Afghanistan to watch a man be-headed for being a Christian?

And do we just sit back and allow the Aclu to kill God in our country? What are we fighting for in the world? I guess we'll see before long when the Muslims, with the help of the ACLU, take over this country.
You don't think that can happen? You'd better wake up and look around you. Buy a soda at a 7-11 or get a room at a motel or check out just about any Mom and Pop market.

As Santayana said, "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."
It's an historical fact that Mohammed, from the years of 612 to 632 or so traveled all over North Africa and the middle East and killed thousands of people to force the rest to convert to Islam, a religion he had made up.

Now, do we learn from that and do something about it or do we just sit back and watch it happen again?
Are we apathetic fools or are too stupid to see what's happening, or are we just too lazy to give a shit?

Or will we stand up for what we believe in; the right to worship God and the right to exercise our freedoms whether or not we even believe in a God?
Now's the time to decide!


Thursday, March 09, 2006

See What Happens When You Do Something!...

I guess it's a good thing I made that call to the President yesterday. I heard the voice of the guy who took the message I left, the comment I made, mumble something very distinctly. At the last instant before he said thank you to me, I thought I heard him groan in Aramaic or Arabic or something.

I checked today and, sure enough, someone told me that the UAE had placed people at some of the more important comment phones at the Whitehouse. I guess when this guy saw how pissed I was, he advised his boss, the Sheik, to cancel everything, and of course, when they saw it was me, an angry American Citizen, he did cancel everything.
They know when they're well off!

Maybe they'll watch it a little more closely in the future. I might live in California but I'm still a Texican!


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I Made My Call...

I made my call to the Presidents' comment line at, 202-456-1111, and the guy listened patiently as I told him I thought Bush should step down because he isn't doing the right thing for this country, particularly turning over our ports to the Muslims, and the man said,"Thank you for calling." So there!


Looks Like We've Had It...Next Stop; Islam States of America...

Hey, folks, here is a quote from a towel head who is a big shot with the Muslims who want to take over our shipping ports so they can smuggle a-bombs and other stuff into our country to use to kill us.

They say they don't but, before you believe them, you'd better do some checking for yourself and see how much they love us and God, the same God as the God of Israel, the people they want to cease to exist.

In this quote, note that the big shot Muslim, a Sheik or something big in Islam, by his own words, displays absolute contempt for us and our Government.

"We appreciate the comments and suggestion of the congressman, among many other congressmen and people from the White House also, as well as the senators," Sultan Bin Sulayem, Dubai Ports World's chairman, told CNN. "This 45 days that we have volunteered for review is a good chance for all of us, I think. And I think by the end of this, they will realize that there is no fear, no worry about security."

That's the first part of the quote. Now pay particular attention to the next part.

"DP World officials suggested yesterday that within days, Peninsular & Oriental's operations will belong to them, no matter what Congress does."

Now everybody who thinks the UAE has any respect or anything else for this country, raise your hand! These people, by their own words, think they can didtate to our Congress and it looks like George Bush agrees with them!

Folks, it's time for us to let our Reps know how we feel about Sultan Bin Sulayem dictating to the citizens of the United States of America what we can and can't do! I think it's time we asked all the Muslims to leave this country! They're not our friends! Now I'm getting on the phone to Bush! Call-call-call! Here are the numbers: Comments: 202-456-1111 Switchboard: 202-456-1414 <>


Saturday, March 04, 2006

What's It Coming To?...(A Tantrum)

You can get a pill on prime time TV, you know, the time of day when kids watch tv the most, a pill that'll help you keep a hard on for up to 36 hours;

You know, Bob, the guy with the eternal smile and erection;

And you can get a vaginal heat cream to enhance coitus- orgasms and all the rest,- all advertised on prime time TV;

And you can watch Kobe Bryant on prime time TV, the guy who raped a white woman and got away with it by intimidating her;(he plays basketball for the Lakers)

I could go on for a year but I think you get the idea,-anything goes in the good old US of A,
except the crime this guy commited;

"'The problems began last spring. Gray, 50, owns a lawn service business on the side. He was routinely driving to work in his pickup truck towing a trailer that he uses to carry lawn mowing equipment for his business. On the side of his trailer, the married father of two affixed a sign that reads "Lawn Services Done With Pride!! By An English Speaking American.'
The sign also gives Gray's phone number and the lettering is over a background of an American flag.'

My God, what was he thinking? It's bad enough to tell people you speak english and are an American but to actually display an American Flag? Boy, where is this guy coming from?

I tell you, folks, it's getting pretty bad when a man is threatened with the loss of his job because he is proud to be an American and an english speaking one who loves his flag!

Maybe we ought to just give this fucking country to the Mexicans and the black Nation of Islam and the Muslims! It's like, everything foul and stupid goes as long as we don't act proud of anything that's good or noble!

Sometimes I wonder why I even get out of bed! Why the hell haven't we dumped Bush and the NAACP and the Nation of Islam and OJ and Kobe and all the trash we see on tv all hours of the day and night;

and the Queers who are winning Oscars for being foul perverts and the WEAK-LIVERED simpletons who are afraid to call a spade a spade!

Screw 'em! I'm going to bed and dream of when this nation was proud, strong and moral!


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

E-mail To The President...

Here is a copy of the latest e-mail to the president and vice president.

"I would like to know how President Bush can support a country, UAE, and a company, the Dubai Ports World, who actively boycott our friend and ally, Israel? The boycott of Israeli products by these and other Muslim nations and companies is a matter of record." A quote below:

"Yes, of course the boycott is still in place and is still enforced," Muhammad Rashid a-Din, a staff member of the Dubai Customs Department's Office for the Boycott of Israel, told the Post in a telephone interview.

"If a product contained even some components that were made in Israel, and you wanted to import it to Dubai, it would be a problem," he said.

Link: I think George Bush is not doing what is right for this country. I think he has his priorities in the wrong place. He has forgotten what real dangers there are to us from Muslim nations.

He has forgotten who our real friends are. He has refused to do what needs to be done to assure the safety and security of this country. He has forgotten that this nation was founded on Christian principles and Islam is an affront to all Christians and Jews.

He evidently refuses to educate himself about Islam and the Muslim religion so he would know that that religion was founded by a man who hated Jews and Christians specifically and slaughtered hundreds of thousands, probably millions of people to force Islam on entire countries.

I feel Mr. Bush would do this nation a favor if he would consider stepping down from the presidency and allowing someone with different values, a better understanding as to what is good and right for the United States, to take over.
Mr Bush has been and continues to be a tragic disappointment to us, conservative Americans. He has not kept his promises, such as opening ANWAR to oil drilling and exploration which he could do by executive order. I'm sorry I voted for him the second time.

The conclusion I have drawn in regards to Mr. Bush is, he is a one worlder, wanting to allow this great nation to become just a part of a world order, not a sovereign nation. I hope and pray he will do the right thing before it is too late for us.

With all due respect, James C XXXXXXXX Red Bluff, Ca 96080 530-527-XXXX