Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Is Happening To Our Nation?...

Doom and Gloom! What a way to start a day! But what else is there for our once proud and powerful country? Our president, George Bush, has spent eight years doing his best to help this country regress, and has done a damn good job at doing just that. What do I mean? Well, just look at the facts: He has vetoed fewer pork spending bills than any president in our history and that has allowed our nation to acquire the biggest spending deficit in history, so we are all but broke.

And he sat and did nothing while groups like ACORN bullied banks and mortgage companies into making loans for houses to low income people who could never pay for them, thus putting this country into a mortgage foreclosure free fall in the housing industry.

And he sat and did nothing while Wall Street Executives stole from and cheated working people out of their life savings. He was the one who should have watched the people in charge of Americas' finances and provided the oversight to assure they would be honest and do the right thing to protect us financially. The buck should stop there, at the White House.

And he sat and did nothing while China violated trade agreements right and left and he allowed that nation to dig a trade surplus hole for the US to fall into, creating the biggest negative trade surplus of any time in our history.

And he sat and did nothing while the major oil companies and OPEC caused the price of oil to escalate to the point that average Americans could barely afford to buy gas to get to work and back.

He broke the promise of both of his election campaigns to see that offshore and ANWAR would be open for drilling to get our own oil supply so we would not be slaves to our 'friend' Saudia Arabia. He could have opened offshore and ANWAR to drilling by executive order, then, if congress disagreed, they would have to have a majority vote to override his order. But his stupid 'compassionate -can't we all just get along -conservatism' wouldn't allow him to disagree with the liberals for fear of offending someone; he forgot about the conservative voters who got him into the White House and he still forgot about us by doing nothing to help Senator McCain win the presidency.

And now he is doing nothing while we watch Russia sail warships and fly military airplanes to Venezuela and install missiles there, a nation that hates America and everything we stand for,and he watches and does nothing as Russia offers to help Venezuela and our enemy, Iran further develop a nuclear bomb.
What is happening to the ghost of John F Kennedy, a president that stopped that same thing from happening not too many years ago for the good and safety of our Nation? Yeah, you'd think we'd learn.

But no, now we are about to swear in a man to the presidency who is openly black-African oriented; a man who sat in church and listened to a black bigoted minister, Jeremiah Wright, curse this nation and blame the white man for all of the ills of our nation, namely inventing the aids virus and importing heroin to eliminate black people from our land and causing the 9/11 terrorist attack on the United States! And the president-elect agreed with him by his very presence in that foul church house for twenty years.

We dis-regard the fact that an American terrorist helped him kick off his political campaign in the first place. And we disregard the fact that he used unethical, sneaky and underhanded tactics to have all of his opponents dis-qualified when he ran for the Illinois Senate. Look it up.

He told so many lies and threw so many things up to see which way the wind blew that it would be impossible to list them all.

He defended his racist pastor and could never be too critical of his bigoted statements; Wright "is like an old uncle who says things I don't always agree with," but he could no more disown him than he could disown his grandmother.

He dumped that same 'old uncle' pastor when the 'old uncle' statements began to hinder his campaign. All things to all people; he wants to be.

You'd think that, after eight years of a red neck slug like Bill Clinton and another eight years of a do-nothing like George Bush, we'd think more than twice and use a little common sense in selecting someone to lead us. But, since I am much more intelligent and sensible and honest and patriotic than 52.5% of the American voters, it wasn't enough to get a real honest to God American hero elected. Instead we got a man who could easily do more national, white America harm than the last two combined.

And, you know what the worse part is? Those same people and most of the others will read this and say,"Sour grapes." And that's too bad. It's too bad for our nation. It's too bad for our God.

Bill Clinton taught our kids that blow jobs are not sex so it's OK. George Bush taught our kids that it's best to do nothing rather than disagree and cause bad feelings. Now Barack Obama will teach our kids that this is not a Christian Nation and the Constitution is worthless and people like the racist and bigoted Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan and the terrorist America hater, William Ayers are great Americans and all the ills of this country are because of White Americans.

Don't be surprised if more and more Muslims get into our federal government. You know, people who want the subjugation or death of all Christians and Jews. Koran-Dinner Table 5:51

I guess I should say,"I hope I'm wrong," but that would be bull shit so I'll just say,"Just wait and see."
You'll all get just what you axed for and you'll all deserve it. The problem is, I'll get it, too! And that's a Bummer.


Friday, December 05, 2008


This is a poem I wrote some time ago that I believe is appropriate for these times. I hope you get something out of it. and let's talk about it. Let's tell it like it is!


This is a poem I wrote some time ago that I believe is appropriate for these times. I hope you get something out of it.
I perceive, all the simple little things that never take a lot of thought-
Sixty seconds make a minute, sixty minutes make an hour,
Anything that once is paid for is at once considered bought.

And the seasons; there's the winter and the springtime and the summer and the fall,
And the battles and the games we play don't mean so much to win or lose,
It ain't the win or lose but how we play the games is all.

It's a game-and we can't take it too serious, this life we try to live,
Get up early every morning, go to bed too late at night,
To consider what we get we must consider what we give.

And the giving; must we always take the back seat, stand behind our fellow man?
All these questions need some answers. Is the answer all around us?
Not to play the game so well but just to win it if we can!