Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oil soars to break through $95 in N.Y!...

Oil has gone over $95.00!
Boy, did you hear President raise hell with our friends, the Saudis, Kuwaitis and the other Muslims for whom our soldiers died (and are still dying)in the Gulf wars, for allowing the price of oil to us to triple?

You didn't???

Surprise!!! Neither did I! And neither has anyone else!

And he didn't raise hell when it went past $80.00!

And he didn't raise hell when it went past $70.00!

And he didn't raise hell when it went past $60.00!

And he didn't raise hell when it went past $50.00!

And he didn't raise hell when it went past $40.00!

In fact, he has never raised hell about anything any foreign country has done to take unfair advantage of the United States!

He isn't raising hell about our tremendous trade imbalance with Communist China!

He doesn't give a shit what happens to the average American Citizen as long as he isn't personally bothered by it!

You know who raised hell and got the price of oil back down when it started up before? Bill Clinton raised hell and got the price back down!

Ronald Reagan raised hell and got the price of oil back down!

Richard Nixon raised hell and got the price of oil back down!

Oh, yeah, and even JIMMY CARTER raised hell and got the price of oil back down!

Now where in the HELL is President George W Bush?

He's sitting on his ass at his ranch and laughing at those of us who can't even afford to take a vacation because of the high price of gasoline!

George W Bush will go into the books as the worse president in our history! I don't feel good about saying that but it is the truth!

Now, how about some of you GETTING OFF YOUR LAZY ASSES AND LETTING THE PRESIDENT KNOW HOW WE FEEL?!? Or we can just sit back and give all our money to Saudi Arabia and the OPEC Muslims and Communist China so they can finance (with our money) their nuclear technologies to where they can wipe us out whenever they want to!

Now, have a nice life!


Friday, October 19, 2007

What Is Happening To This Nation?...

What the hell is going on with this country? Our people are fighting and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan to protect those people (people who want us dead) and to try to keep the enemy from our shores. My opinion is we should have come home immediately after we got rid of Saddam Hussein. That's what we went there to do. Now we can't find a way to get out and we don't even know for sure which of the Muslims in Iraq we should be for, Sunnis or Shiites.

And the President doesn't know what the hell to do either. He's afraid to do anything to help his own nation like getting the price of oil down to a reasonable level, because he's afraid to piss off his friends, the Saudis, Kuwait, the Arab Emirates and the rest of the Muslim countries who, along with Communist China, are taking all our money, and who all would like nothing more than to see us dead.

Our stock market is taking a dump because of our cowardly president.

Even Jimmie Carter and Bill Clinton made at least a semblance of an effort to keep the price of oil at a level price. We have a real disgrace as a president! -Yeah, I know,-I voted for him--twice!

Now for the crazy part! While our kids are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, people here at home are going crazy!
Like Democrat Senator Harry Reid using his (and our) valuable time telling a lie about Rush Limbaugh, a talk show host. How important is that! It must be very because Nancy Pelosi and 30 or 40 more Democrats signed a nasty letter to Rush.

Of course, what they claimed was a lie but you know Democrats, being true or not doesn't matter.It really got to Rush!'yuk'- He sold the nasty letter on e-bay for 2.1 million bucks that he will donate to a Marine Corp children's Foundation! I guess the Democratic lie paid off this time!

And Democrat Representative Stark accuses President Bush of being 'amused' when American soldiers get killed!

And here's one for you: "Tanker Stolen From Depot Found" The fuel situation has to be pretty bad for people to hijack a truck load of diesel fuel!

You know, I'm going to end this right here. You'd think people could see the writing on the wall; Muslims are trying to weaken us all by taking our money with their overpriced oil and China is taking over this country by taking all our money at Walmart and every other retail store in the country and our president couldn't care less.
And bullshit like the Democrats' nasty letter to Rush Limbaugh is front page news.

And this:"An unlikely treasure-trove of donors for Clinton"

And there is so much more. What is happening to us? We just can't seem to figure out what to do next. I know what to do but,--that's right,--no one has asked me! Go figure.