Monday, July 06, 2009

Obamas' Entire Speech...

Today I will attempt to post the entire essence of all Barack Obama said when he was running for president; all of any substance that helped get him elected.

I hope I don't miss anything of importance.

"I could never say anything against my pastor, Jeremiah Wright, just because he is a flaming racist and hates America and hates white people and blames them for everything that is bad about blacks. He is like an uncle to me,-as close as my own white mother."

"I don't agree with Pastor Wright. He is hurting my chances to be elected so I won't have anything more to do with him! SHUT UP! I DON'T CARE WHAT I SAID BEFORE!@!"

That is part of Obamas terrific rhetoric. Now here is the main and most effective part; the part that really got him elected:

"I think it's time for a change. I want change!"

I hope I haven't left anything out. As near as I can recall (and I listened to everything he said for two years) that is the gist of all Obama said while he was running for president. And he did, after all, get elected. I can't say for sure if the dynamism of his verbiage or the intellectual proficiency of the electors, or a combination of both, that finally did it.

But, I'm sure all of you people who voted for him are aware of exactly what it was that got him over the top.

Anyhoo, you all did a good job. I hope this article helps you to understand Obama better. And I, of course, will post more if Obama does anything of any importance.


Sunday, July 05, 2009

Everything Obama is Sure of...

I hope there is enough room in this blog page to list everything Obama is really sure of. Here goes.

Thank you for hanging in there.



I had to un-delete this blog. Several people ragged on me about dumping it. They said it was the best place they knew of to get real honest facts about political things.

So, here I are! Back!!