Friday, December 30, 2005

Which Is the Murderer...Makes You Wonder, Doesn't It...

The doctors who abort babies or the men who abort the doctors who abort babies. I have to admit, it makes me wonder.(But not much)

On one hand we have a couple of guys who planned and carried out murders. They consider them to be executions, rather than murders.

"Paul Hill,(This was in August of 2003) who is to be executed in two weeks for the shotgun slayings of an abortion doctor and his bodyguard in Pensacola, says he's at peace with himself and would probably kill again."

Hill was by no means a hardened criminal when he planned this killing.

"Hill, a one-time Presbyterian minister, has said God led him to shoot Dr. John Britton, 69, and his driver, James Barrett, 74, as they arrived at a Pensacola abortion clinic in July 1994.

As you can see, he was a Minister of the Christian faith, hardly someone you'd expect to commit a murder. He didn't consider the killing a murder. He thought( rightly so) that killing the doctor whom he considered to be a murderer, was warranted; an act that would save many lives.

And, when asked if he were sorry for what he did, he said he wasn't.

"If I were put in similar circumstances, I believe I would act similarly,'' Hill said in a letter to The Herald from his Florida State Prison cell.

Dave Kopp is another man who "executed" a baby killer. That is, of course, what these two men believe; they executed a murderer. And they're in no way alone in that belief.

Dave Kopp alienated himself from many pro-lifers by passing on having a jury trial in favor of a one day trial by the judge. Many of his supporters believe he let them down by not airing the trial so as to show the world what butchers the abortion doctors are.

However, many believe he chose this venue to protect the identities of persons who helped him while he was on the run. That would make him a double good guy to many people.

Well, whether you believe Kopp and Hill are murderers or the doctors and their helpers are murderers, you're entitled to your opinion. Now let's look at a few facts.

Hill killed two people, the abortion doctor and his chauffeur and Kopp killed one guy, an abortion doctor.

Let's see, now; I couldn't find out how many babies the abortion doctors killed but it was a slug of them. And since life begins at conception, (at least that's what God says)((actually, God told Jeremiah He knew him even before he was formed in the womb and, if you can't believe God, who can you believe?)) that would make the doctors much bigger killers than Hill and Kopp.

One thing, if Rowe/v/Wade is overturned, will all the abortion doctors and the men and women who *killed their babies be prosecuted for murder? Or will those people be excused because, at that time killing their babies was legal?

And, if so, will Hill be brought back alive (I am assuming he was executed) and will Kopp be let out of jail and have the thanks of the court for helping uphold the law by killing a killer?

Of course, this all sounds stupid but not anymore so than people who think killing their children is all right.

You know, what's really stupid is us getting to a point in our society where someones opinion (RowevWade) can determine who can live and who can die.

And please, let's be honest, there is no provision in our Constitution that gives any woman the right to kill her child, no matter what the reason she has for wanting to. If you don't like kids, admit it and keep your legs together. That's all that is necessary.

And remember, girls, Men can't get pregnant!


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The US is Exporting Its Violence to Canada...

The Canadian Prime Minister and the Mayor of Toronto claim the rise in crime and gun related deaths in Canada is the fault of the United States of America. Maybe they're right. I think we should take a minute or two to check that claim out then begin building a fence along the entire border between the US of A and the British protectorate of Canada. That would stop the illegal flow of guns from the salacious and fanciful nation of the U S of A into the peaceful and progressive country of Canada.

The US has always been a problem for Canada. During WWII, WWI, the French/American War, the American Civil War, the Spanish/American War, the Charge at San Juan Hill, the Alamo War, the Korean War, the VeitNam War, the Mafioso War of NYC, the Gulf War and the Second Gulf War, America has exported all the cowards of America to Canada against their will.(Canadas' and the Cowards' will) (Cassius Clay chose to go to jail rather than go to Canada. One point for him.)

I, for one, am ashamed of the way we Americans have taken advantage of the poor Canadians. I mean, it's bad enough they have to come to this country to get medical attention and operations and stuff like that, but then having to admit known felons with illegal guns into their country against their will is just ludicrous, to say the least.

And, remember 54-40 or fight! How terrible it was that we wouldn't even let Canada have part of this country awhile back.

Open Letter to Canada:

Dear Mr Prime Minister and Mayor of Toronto, please accept our sine-cera (sincere=without wax) apologies for allowing you to welcome the dregs of our society into your country. Please accept our assurance that, the next time you want emigrees with more going for them than your own citizens, instead of allowing the worst of us to come to Canada, we'll send the message on to Mexico, to their Presidente Fox.

Right now we are starting a fence along the entire Mexican border to keep the ugly Americans from sneaking into Mexico. We assure you that next we'll start the fence along the Canadian border and build either a very long bridge or dig a really long tunnel directly from Mexico to Canada so no one wanting to come into or out of Mexico or Canada will be tainted by having to go through the vicious nation of the united States of America.

Signed, the completely un-official Ambassadors of this fine nation, Jimbo u_no_hoo, Donna u_no_hoo and Chico the Wonder Dog.

Please RSVP at your convenience. (In either French or English or doggie)


Sunday, December 25, 2005

Send 'em To Me...

I was over on Kermits' "Bubbas Blog" and read his comment about the lazy and ineffective MSM reporting and the same kind of government reps; ie, Senators and Representatives and I got a little hot under the collar myself, just thinking about it, especially at Christmas time. You'd think they would get something right once in a while!

Anyhow, I was cursing under my breath about a couple of things I heard on tv when Chico the Wonder Dog walked into the room. "What's the problem?" he looked at me. (He has to 'look' at me because, as we all know, dogs can't talk)
I looked at him, "I was reading Kermits' comments about the stupid msm reporters and all the rest who claim they love this country and support our troops but don't act like it sometimes."

I could see that Chico the Wonder Dog was getting a bit aggravated and I mentioned that there wasn't much we could do about it.
He looked at me, "Speak for yourself! Tell Kermit to send 'em around to me! I'll take care of 'em!"

I don't know if he'd scare them but he scared the hell out of me!


Thursday, December 15, 2005

"Mr. Bush, Tear Down That Wall!"...

No,- no, that's not President Reagan speaking to Soviet Premier Gorbachev concerning the Berlin Wall that separated East Germany from West Germany for many years.
In fact, there is no wall! And if there were, it wouldn't be like the Berlin Wall; one that separates citizens of somewhere from other citizens of the same somewhere.

Remember the "Mouse that Roared?"Well this is the "Fox that Whined!"

This is Vicente Fox, the President of Mexico ordering President Bush to stop any consideration of building a security fence between the US of A and Mexico to stop illegal immigration of Mexicans and possible terrorists from that country.

You want to read the most ridiculous and stupid quote of the century? OK: First, here's a quote to set up the real one.

"The disgraceful and shameful construction of walls, the increasing enforcement of security systems and increasing violation of human rights and labor rights will not protect the economy of the United States," he (Fox) said."

Now. here's the real thing:

Fox, speaking in Tamaulipas state across the border from Texas, said "such extreme security measures would 'violate immigrants' rights.'"

...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...'I'm baack.'

Please excuse my absence from this post. I had to take a few moments to research our Constitution to find where illegal immigrants have 'rights.'
I guess someone else will have to take a look; I couldn't find the article or amendment that covers the rights of illegal aliens.

In all serialness, for the life of me, I can't remember where President Bush found this guy! Mexican President Fox, that is.

And what makes him think Fox is such a good friend to this country is also a mystery. W allows Fox to blow and whine about just about anything he wants to.

Fox feels all right about charging us three prices for Mexican oil but he thinks we are cruel and unusual for enforcing our immigration laws.

Just once I’d like to hear Bush say, “Vicente, just shut up and listen. If your people want to move to this country, tell them to make applications and wait their turns like everybody else! We need our welfare money for our unwed mothers!”
…’duh’…As if that’ll ever happen. Not much chance.

I remember a candidate for the presidency a few years back that made a fence between our two countries a part of his campaign rhetoric. He didn’t get the nomination but he must have made a good point because, here we are; right back there at that same place again! Thank you, Pat!


Monday, December 05, 2005

Stars Get Jitters Over Bush Bash...

WASHINGTON - There's no people like show people - mostly die-hard Democrats - so a lot of folks were holding their noses yesterday as they prepared to attend President Bush's cocktail party at the White House for the Kennedy Center Honors.

I get a kick out of hearing a bunch of people who spend their entire lives pretending to be someone else, criticize someone who actually is someone. All of 'em have something to say and the worse are usually the loudest.

"That's the lowest thing on my list," 'Glenn Close told me at a preshow brunch at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel here...'

There's someone who really should speak up! Glen Close, that is!

The first time I remember seeing her, she was in an elevator on her knees giving someone else's husband, Michael Douglas, a blow job. Now she's criticizing W's cocktail party! Go figure!


Thursday, December 01, 2005

...All Roads In US Should Be Eliminated...

A study has shown that driving is much more hazardous to our health than terrorism:

Death toll from road accidents 390 times that from terrorism:

The body count from road accidents in developed economies is 390 times higher than the death toll in these countries from international terrorism, says a study appearing in a specialist journal, Injury Prevention. In 2001, as many people died every 26 days on American roads as died in the terrorist attacks of 9/11, it says.

Well...'duh'...Isn't this a revelation!? Where do I apply for a grant to conduct an important study like this?

Researchers led by Nick Wilson of Otago University, New Zealand, trawled through a US State Department database of deaths caused by international terrorism, and compared this with an Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development database on road crash deaths among 29 OECD countries.

Now here's a couple of guys with way too much time on their hands. But I guess everyone has to do something to make a living.
Here's another little blurb:

"Policymakers need to be aware of this when allocating resources to preventing these two avoidable causes of mortality," they say.

Policy makers should also be aware of the inconsequential frivolity of such as Nick and friends report when "allocating resources" for research grants.

(After, of course, I apply for and am granted mine on the effect of migrating salmon feces on pure, spring water being sold in soda pop bottles in markets nationwide for a buck ninety a pop)